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Older People's Services Research Report

Count Us In - Meeting the changing needs & expectations of ethnic minority older people in Scotland by Rohini Sharma Joshi FCIH

Together with Hanover (Scotland) and Bield housing associations, Trust has launched a major research report into the needs of Scotland's ethnic minority older people on 26th February 2020. To access the report click here.

Care Cameo 'Keeping Body & Soul Together'

“Keeping body and soul together”, reviews the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual care needs of ethnic minority older people in Scotland and has been researched and written by Rohini Sharma Joshi FICH, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager for Trust Housing. It highlights the challenges faced by Scotland’s ethnic minority older people

Trust Housing and Scottish Care, report was launched on 31st October 2019 at the Scottish Parliament event, sponsored by Bill Kidd MSP.  To read more click here

A Fairer Scotland for Older People: framework for action

This framework has been developed by the Scottish Government to challenge the inequalities older people face as they age and to celebrate older people in Scotland. To read more about the framework for action click here.

 Scottish Government

Older People Services Action Framework 2018-19

Engangement with Ethnic Minority Older People

A short report from the consultation event with ethnic minority older people in Developing Older People's Framework, which was attended by Christina McKelvie, held in Edinburgh on 30th January 2019.

To read the report click here. 


EDI Strategy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are at the very core of Trust Housing Association and inform everything we do.

To read more about it Please download the pdf.


Why Volunteering Matters – Multilingual booklets

The first national event was held on 2 June 2016 near Falkirk, to recognise and celebrate the volunteering contributions of ethnic minority older people in Scotland.  An information booklet produced by the Scottish Volunteering Forum `Why Volunteering Matters’ was translated into six community languages (Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu). The purpose of the booklet is to increase the wider understanding of volunteering and its benefits to the ethnic minority communities.   

The event was organised by the Lottery funded Older People Services Development Project, jointly run by Trust, Hanover (Scotland) and Bield Housing Associations, in partnership with the Voluntary Action Fund (VAF).    

Why Volunteering Matters - English

Why Volunteering Matters - Urdu

Why Volunteering Matters - Punjabi

Why Volunteering Matters - Hindi

Why Volunteering Matters - Cantonese

Why Volunteering Matters - Bengali 

Why Volunteering Matters - Arabic 

Older Women in Scotland – looking to the Future

The publication of a report ‘Older Women and Work – Looking to the Future’ from the Scottish Commission on Older Women, brings to the fore the experiences of older women seeking to remain in, or re-enter, the labour market. With rising numbers of women over the age of 50 in the labour market in Scotland, Government, employers and trade unions have roles to play in ensuring good quality employment with sufficient flexibility and training opportunities, recognising changing family and caring responsibilities too.

A pdf of the report can be found below.

Older Women and Work – Looking to the Future

Multi-Lingual Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Information Pack: Providing Information, Raising Awareness

A new guide has been produced after an extensive consultation with over 850 Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) older people across Scotland.

The Lottery Funded Older People Services Development Project, supported by NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Government, has developed and produced the Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Guide, providing multilingual and simple to follow advice.

A pdf of summary of the consultation is attached.


The Guide is available in English and six community languages. The information is available to download below :








Multi-Lingual Elder Abuse Information Pack: Providing Information, Raising Awareness

The Older People Services Development Project carried out extensive consultation with ethnic minority older people, to bring issues surrounding the sensitive topic of Elder Abuse to surface, in Scotland. A copy of the report is attached:

Consultation Report 

The Older People Services Development Project produced a Multi-Lingual Elder Abuse Information Pack, Providing Information – Raising Awareness in partnership with Age Scotland. The information pack was launched on 12th May 2014 by Justice Minister, Kenny MacAskill MSP in Glasgow.  

The pdfs of  Information Pack are available to download below:








Scottish Memories

Heritage Lottery funded ‘Scottish Memories' project captured the stories of men and women who came to Scotland as immigrants half a century ago from India, Pakistan, China, Africa and the Caribbean. Many arrived with little money, few clothes and unable to speak English and worked long hours as door-to-door pedlars, mill workers, bus conductors, chefs and shopkeepers.

The book includes stories of trailblazers such as Scotland’s first black professor; an award-winning research scientist, the first Sikh to work offshore in the North Sea, the first man to win the legal right to wear a turban working on the buses, as well as chefs and restaurateurs who introduced Scots to curries and Chinese food.

Visit the 'Scottish Memories' page where you can download a PDF version of the book


The following documents have also been published by the Associations (or jointly with other organisations) and can be viewed online by clicking below:

The Multi-Lingual Dementia Information Pack:
Providing information, Raising Awareness

The Older People Services Development Project carried out widespread consultation of clients from a range of minority ethnic backgrounds that highlighted a number of key issues around information on dementia.

Consultation report

As part of their response to this, the Older People Services Development Project worked together with the Dementia Services Development Centre to create the Multi-Lingual Dementia Information Pack which was launched on Wednesday, July 3 at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh.

The  information pack is available to download below:








Guide for older peopleInformation Guide for older people (PDF)

Good Practice Guide for Service Providers (PDF)

Good Practice Guide

A guide for service providers on service provision for black and minority ethnic (BME) older people

Good Practice Guide for Service Providers (PDF)

Making a Difference - Job Oppotunities Support Project (2006/09)

Making a differenceThe Job Opportunities Support Project was developed in February 2006 by Trust, Hanover (Scotland) and Bield Housing Associations. The main purpose of the project was to increase access to job opportunities for BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) people in housing and the public sectors, within Edinburgh and Lothians. The Project has delivered benefits to the lives of many individuals, including improved skills, increased confidence and greater financial independence.
Making a Difference Report in PDF format

Changing Minds to BME Employment

Changing Minds

Trust, Hanover (Scotland) Bield Housing Associations in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Housing and Scottish Federation of Housing Associations held four annual job fairs targeted at Black & Minority Ethnic potential job applicants across Scotland.  The publications ‘Changing Minds’ and the ‘Good Practice Guide’ explores some key issues from the survey findings at these job fairs and sets out an agenda for change.

‘Changing Minds - Good Practice Guide’ in PDF format

‘Changing Minds - Full Report’ in PDF format

New report highlights breakthrough in outreach work

Just for the Record

Just for the Record report has been launched on a ground-breaking project to improve access to pension and benefits for older people from Black Minority and Ethnic (BME) communities in Scotland, highlighting major breakthroughs in accessing these groups and producing recommendations for future action.

Just for the Record report in PDF format

 Housing for older people leaflet

Housing for older people

Communities Choice of Happy Logo. Research Report (PDF)Communities Choice of Happy Logo.  Research Report (PDF)


Job Opportunities Fair 2004 Report